Dive into the World of Turners Automotive Group

Meet Group CEO, Todd Hunter and hear about our results and a bit about the company history. All our Annual Meetings from 2015 onwards were recorded and can be viewed here – its a great story of the company progress.

Then dive into Turners Auto Retail; follow the adventures of Tina from Turners; take a flight over the Turners Auto Retail nationwide network of branches; and meet some of our amazing people.

Next gain an understanding of the multitude of services that EC Credit Control offer businesses to help them succeed.

Meet Group CEO, Todd Hunter

Why Invest in Turners

Annual Meetings










The Adventures of Tina from Turners

Tina from Turners: She really does love buying cars

Tina from Turners: Book online to sell your car

Tina from Turners: Drive off

Tina from Turners goes down memory lane… back to the future

CashNow – Cars, Cars, Cars – Tina from Turners

Tina from Turners: Watermelon

Tina from Turners: Ankle Action

Tina from Turners gets pretty excited about car brands …

Tina from Turners: selling it yourself might not be a good idea.

What else does Tina from Turners love … Frogs?

Tina from Turners: Do you name your car?

Fly over the Turners Auto Retail nationwide network of branches

Welcome to Turners Cars Whangarei

Welcome to Turners Cars North Shore

Welcome to Turners Cars Gt South Rd, Auckland

Welcome to Turners Cars Palmerston North

Welcome to Turners Cars Christchurch

Welcome to Turners Cars Invercargill

Welcome to Turners Cars Napier

Welcome to Turners Cars New Plymouth

Welcome to Turners Cars Porirua

Welcome to Turners Cars Avalon Drive, Hamilton

Welcome to Turners Cars Te Rapa

Welcome to Turners Cars Tauranga

Welcome to Turners Cars Otahuhu

Welcome to Turners Cars Botany, Auckland

Welcome to Turners Cars Rotorua

Welcome to Turners Cars Nelson

Welcome to Turners Cars Dunedin

What makes Turners Auto Retail tick: Our People

Turners Conference Nelson 2021

Bobby’s Turners Story

Shane’s Turners Story

Sean’s Turners Story

Maioa’s Turners Story

Barjinder’s Turners Story

Patrick’s Turners Story

EC Credit offer a wide range of services that help businesses succeed

EC Credit Control

EC Credit Control Overview of Services

EC Credit Control Debt Resolution

EC Credit Control Terms and Conditions of Trade

Xero connection – Making loading debts easy

MYOB connection – Making loading debts easy

Loading your slow paying invoices for resolution manually

Still looking for a debt resolution specialist?

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