Turners Auto Retail Division is NZ’s largest used vehicle networkand operates across 3 key areas: Used Cars; Used Trucks & Machinery; and Damaged and End of Life Vehicles. With 30 branches nationwide and over 500 members of our team, we take pride in the contribution that we've been making to keep NZ moving for over 50 years.

A nationwide network.

From opening in 1967 with one branch in downtown Auckland – with a first year profit of $120 – Turners has since gone from strength to strength. Over 50 years on and Turners is now the largest used vehicle dealer in the country with branches from Whangarei to Invercargill.

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Turners Cars

Turners Cars – consistently voted NZ’s most trusted used vehicle dealership with over 50 years of helping kiwis buy & sell vehicles.

A network of 20 branches (with more to come) allows Turners to service the needs of kiwis nationwide.  With  around 100 cars sold every day through retail, auctions and online auctions, Turners has a deep knowledge of the used car market in NZ. Combining this with a focus on delivering a great customer experience enables great outcomes for our customers and our company.

Turners Trucks & Machinery

The Trucks & Machinery business has developed strongly over the past few years and now boasts dedicated branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch as well as a significant presence in Whangarei, Napier and Dunedin.

As well as end to end management of all types of assets the team are also very experienced at valuations and handle asset realisation for some of the largest firms in NZ.

Turners Damaged & End of Life Cars

Turners DEOL takes care of the salvage and disposal of damaged cars and cars that have reached the end of their lives.  Our key vendors are large insurance companies and the vehicles are sold via auction predominantly to wreckers and automotive parts companies.

Tina from Turners

“We’re a big scale operator in a market full of corner shops”

Todd Hunter, Group Chief Executive Officer