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Underlying Net Profit Before Tax ($m)

Five key reasons to invest
in Turners Automotive Group

A decade long track record of growth in profitability

  • Attractive yield and sustainable dividend earnings stream
  • Great growth opportunities across all business segments
  • Stability and consistency of earnings with deliberate
    diversification that has been built into the business
  • Significant latent value from the property portfolio, with unrealised capital gains
  • Solid track record of delivering results for shareholders.

Financial Summary

Reporting Period: 12 months to March 2024.
Previous Reporting Period: 12 months to March 2023.


($ millions)
($ millions)
Revenue 417.0 389.6
Total comprehensive income attributable to shareholders 28.8 45.4
Total Assets 865.7 852.8

Per Ordinary Share

(cents per share)
(cents per share)
Revenue* 4.77 4.50
Quarterly Dividend 7.5 7.0
Net Asset Backing 3.15 3.12

* Based on weighted average numbers of shares.

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